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FURNISHD. takes the guesswork out of the interior design process, with 3D rendering to show you exactly what your space will look like after its been given the royal FURNISHD. treatment.

If you’re in Melbourne, our online interior design service allows your home to be virtually made-over (in any style that makes your heart hammer), by our team of experienced, and impeccable-of-taste designers. We whip up a 3D image of the room (or rooms) that you want to tart up a bit, and then, using all our techy and creative powers, create 3D renders of your space, dressed and styled by FURNISHD.  This unique ‘try before you buy’ proposition means you’ll never again be in that awkward situation where you realise that the furniture you fell in love with in the showroom, actually looks all kinds of wrong in your home. With FURNISHD., you’ll know for sure that your choices are spot on before you part with any money.  

At FURNISHD., we want you to have as much fun transforming your home as we do. Our highly experienced Melbourne interior designers are here to take all the stressy stuff out of the process, and are on-hand to help you every step of the way.

Once you’re 100% happy with the look we’ve created, we’ll put together a shopping list of the items we’ve used in the 3D render. You let us know which pieces you’d like to buy, and we do the rest. We’ll place the order, deliver it to you at home, and if lugging furniture around isn’t your thing, we will happily install it all for you. Voila! That 3D render is now a reality, and your home is looking the goods.


FURNISHD. offers the best of the best online interior design services

First, we’ll provide you with a ten-minute survey to get an idea of the style you’re going for. Your survey answers will help our designers curate a list of furnishings and décor items that we think you’ll love as much as your morning double-shot – and if you’re anything like us, that a whole lotta love. What you’ll end up with is a luxurious design concept that’s tailored to you, that reflects your personality, and that will feel like home.

Once you’ve given the concept your tick of approval (you’re allowed to tweak as much as you’d like first), our personal shopping team will take care of everything else. Settle back and relax while we get to work, arranging for everything to be delivered straight to your door, and bringing your dream home to life.


Ready to transform your Melbourne home with FURNISHD.’s professional interior designers?

When you trust FURNISHD. to get your nest looking its best, you’ll get VIP access to all of these goodies as part of our comprehensive interior design package in Melbourne:

  • A huge selection of premium furniture and homewares from our extensive, and carefully curated list of suppliers.
  • Our team of expert designers, who are all about helping you discover the home décor style that will feel like you.
  • Upfront fixed pricing with no hidden fees – which means no spendy surprises or sneaky surcharges, promise.
  • A price match guarantee on all the items you choose to buy, so you’ll know you’re getting everything for the best possible price.
  • A complete package solution for the entire interior design process; we do everything initial design concepts, item selection, delivery and set-up.

FURNISHD. can also make offices and commercial spaces into inspiring, beautiful and highly functional workspaces by working the same magic we do on homes. Check out our previous work, or have a snoop around for some ideas. When you’re ready to get the ball rolling, we’re here and ready.


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Got a question? You might find the answer on our FAQ page (which has loads of juicy info about our online interior design services in Melbourne), but if the answer you’re looking for isn’t there, or if you’d rather talk to an actual person, contact us directly – we’re always up for a chat!

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